Love Quotes SVG Crafts

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Love Quotes Crafts: good for T-shirt Design, Instagram Feed, or good for all print graphic

You will receive this design in the following formats:

  • SVG File
  • JPEG
  • Transparent PNG
  • EPS
  • DXF

Quotes Include:

  • A Real Man Gives Lady The Attention She Deserves Gives Her All of His Love Calls Her Beautiful and Treats Her like A Queen.
  • Never Waste A moment It May Be The Last with Someone You Love.
  • You are The Most Beautiful Thing I Keep Inside My Heart.
  • I Did Fall In Love With You For A Reason There Is No one Like You.
  • True Love Never Grows Old.
  • Love Yourself For Who You Are.
  • I Want to Be The Girl Who Makes Your Bad Days Better and The One That Makes you Say My Life Has Changed Since I Met Her.
  • You Don’t Marry Someone You Can Live With, You Marry Someone You Cannot Live Without.
  • I Fell In Love with You Because You Loved me When I Couldn’t Love Myself Love Truly is Blind and I’m Ever So Grateful for Yours.
  • It Takes more Than a Million People to Complete The World but It Only Takes you to Complete Mine.
  • We Fight We Talk We Laugh We Smile We Hug We Text Kiss We Love We Argue That’s Us.
  • A True Relationship Is Two imperfect People Refusing To Give Up On Each Other.
  • I Choose You and I’ll Choose You Over and Over and Over Without Pause Without a Doubt in a Heartbeat I’ll Keep Choosing You.
  • Forever is A long time but I Wouldn’t Mind Spending It by Your side.
  • My Mind thinks Of you The Second Before I Fall a Sleep and as Soon as I Wake Up Each Morning.
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