Lets keep it simple. There are two licenses found in this website. Free for personal use and free for commercial use. Personal use license is great for your own projects that won’t make you any money. Commercial use license allows you basically to do almost anything. Sell end products, convert into a webfont, install to a server and use with the whole team of designers for example. If you want to use personal use items for commercial projects, please contact the author of the item or follow the links on the product page to purchase a commercial license.

Free for Personal Use Free for Commercial Use
Personal projects* Yes Yes
Non-profit projects Yes Yes
Commercial projects No Yes
Client work No Yes
Sell end products* No Yes
Use as a webfont No Yes
Install in server No Yes
Use in a mobile app No Yes

*Personal projects means your own wedding invitations, non-commercial blog graphics or anything else where your not making money with it.
*End products must be alternations of the items. Don’t sell them as is, instead modify and add your own touch into them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free for Commercial Use License

Can I create designs for sale for marketplaces like Etsy or my own website
Yes. You can, for example, create t-shirts or prints with these items and sell them unlimited times.

Can I convert a font to a web font
Yes. You can even use it for unlimited page views.

Can I include these items in a digital product for sale?
No. For example, you cannot sell a digital logo pack including fonts from this site. You can, however, use the fonts in logo packs for sale, but you have to link the download to this site and not include the font file in your pack.

Free for Personal Use License

Can I create a wedding invitation for my wedding
Yes. You can also create any personal design like a greeting card or anything where you don’t charge money.

Can I create a logo for my hairdressing business
No. You’d have to buy a commercial license for this use.

Can I create projects for family members and friends.
Yes, as long as you or they are not making business with them.