Community of Digital Designers

Pixelify is a community of individual designers who have a passion for creating and using digital products. We offer a platform for people to share and download high-quality handcrafted digital assets. We’re truly passionate about helping newcomers to enter the digital design world and powering freelancers/agencies to create a better world of design.



Story of Pixelify

The idea of Pixelify came from my own experiences in selling all sorts of digital items like fonts, logos, vectors, and photos. Many times I’ve wished to give my customers a chance to try my items before purchasing and this way creating a stronger bond between me and my customers. I’ve also searched for multiple ways to promote my products outside the marketplaces I sell, but none of the current social media platforms seem to work for this industry. This is why I had to build a digital product -specific platform where it would be super-easy to share and download digital items. I hope you love Pixelify and found it as useful as I do 🙂


Mats-Peter Forss
Founder and Curator
Behance / Creative Market