Aeternus Variable

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“Aeternus”, a new geometric Sans Serif Variable typeface, with matching italics. The combination of different heights and weights provides versatility in any text usage and opens a whole new world of possibilities.



Starting from two constant heights, Nano and Tall, this font family exploits the weight variation and delivers a full array of nine instances, including all weights ranging from Thin to Heavy. A distinct characteristic of this variable typeface is the capability to vary the height, simply maintaining constant the weights, Thin and Heavy. 


Optimized for titling, contemporary branding, web design, UI/UX design, clothing, large print formats.


Enjoy the full variable capabilities of “Aeternus” with the Commercial Version, now available to purchase from your favorite design market.




– Freebie included: Aeternus Nano Thin (Static)


– Formats: .otf


Thanks for viewing, Unio.


Help file included. Backgrounds NOT included.

External URL for premium download

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