SHUTTLE X – Modern Neon Effect Display Font

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Introducing “SHUTTLE X,” the ultimate display font for those who want to make a futuristic statement. With its sleek lines and neon effect, this font is perfect for digital and website projects, movie and music titles, and any other display use you can imagine. The futuristic style of SHUTTLE X lends itself perfectly to any project that wants to evoke a sense of technology and innovation.

Not only is SHUTTLE X visually striking, but it’s also incredibly versatile. Its modern design is perfect for a variety of industries, from technology and science fiction to fashion and design. This display font is ideal for YouTube channels, website headers, social media graphics, and much more. And with its easy-to-read lettering, SHUTTLE X can even be used for longer blocks of text, making it a great choice for infographics or informational pieces.

In addition to its modern aesthetic, SHUTTLE X is a digital font that’s easy to use and customize. Its sleek, smooth lines and neon effect are sure to catch the eye, and its bold design ensures that your message won’t be missed. Whether you’re looking to add a high-tech edge to your project or you just want to make a bold statement, SHUTTLE X is the perfect choice.

Overall, SHUTTLE X is a futuristic display font that’s perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. With its neon effect and modern design, it’s sure to capture attention and add a touch of technology and innovation to any project. Whether you’re creating a website, designing a logo, or crafting social media graphics, SHUTTLE X is a versatile and eye-catching choice.

What’s Included :

  • Basic Latin A-Z and a-z, Numbers, Punctuation
  • Works on PC & Mac
  • Accessible in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and even work on Microsoft Word.
  • Fully accessible without additional design software.
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