By uploading items into Pixelify, you claim to have all the rights for the item you upload and that you follow the guidelines stated on this page. You also claim that your items don’t contain any viruses or malware. If we find your item violating our terms, we might terminate your account and even take legal actions.


• Add items that you feel people would fell in love with. A great item as a free for personal use is much better than a bad product as free for commercial use. Trust me, we’ve seen that so many times before 🙂
• Add pieces of your big products or bundles. For example, one font of your 8-font typeface or 10 logos of a 100 logo pack. This way people gets a taste of your premium product and if they love it, they’ll get the premium version.
• Add links to your description where people can find your premium items or contact you for a special premium licenses. Remember to also add your affiliate slugs, if you have any.


We want to trust you 100%, but for your information, these practices are prohibited in our platform and if we find you violating them, we might have to take action in removing your product or even your account.

• Item or preview images contain content that you don’t own 100% rights.
• Adding swear words, racist claims or any other text to your items, description, tags or in anything that violates human rights.
• The design contains violent, pornographic or sensitive content. Don’t also use body parts as a way to promote your items. Just let your product do the work.
• Item, preview image or text includes content that is copyrighted by a company, other authorities or websites.


1. Compress the download file into a single .zip file

Include all your font files, graphics, help files etc. into one single .zip file.

• Filetype: .zip
• Size: max file size 500 MB

2. Add preview images

These are really important for your items to succeed on our platform. You can add up to 5 preview images, minimum size 1160px * 772px. Height might be taller.

• Preview image file format: .jpg, .jpeg, .png
• Dimensions: minimum size 1160px (width) and 772px (height)

3. Add heading, describtion and tags

Try to be as descriptive as you can as this affects the overall SEO (Google and that stuff). Add only tags that add to your item, don’t spam. In the description, please add links where people can buy your items or contact you for special licenses. We recommend you to use your affiliate link if you’re part of a partner program for example in Creative Market. This way you can earn some extra!


You have the ability to reply to questions on your item pages. Please, keep in mind that people might have no experience in graphic design at all so keep your calm and response nicely. These people might be your future customers and other people see your responses. Let’s keep Pixelify as a super nice platform where people can learn from each other!


If your item contains link(s) to your premium items and you haven’t used your affiliate slug, we retain the right to add Pixelify’s affiliate slug in it to cover part of our development and server costs. You may still edit (and we encourage you to) the url anytime you want and add your own affiliate slug as we want to see you succeed!

We will also reserve a right to extra promote your freebie(s) in external services like Instagram, Dribbble, Behance and other similar services to maximise your items exposure.