introducing Romantically -the lovely natural signature font-

It is classy, it is naturally, it is beauty signature fonts…

– 417 Ligature
I was created 417 ligatures to keep this font looks naturally.
al bl cl dl el fl gl hl il jl kl ll ml nl ol pl ql rl sl tl ul vl wl xl yl zl at bt ct dt et ft  nt ot pt qt rt st tt ut yt all ell att ett itt ott
utt alt elt ilt olt ult atl etl itl otl utl ftl attl ettl ittl ottl uttl ab bb cb eb ib jb mb nb ob sb ub abb ebb ibb obb ubb abl abh
ebh ibh obh ubh abt ebt ibt obt ubt ah bh ch eh gh hh ih jh mh nh oh ph rh yh zh ahh ehh ihh ohh uhh ak  ek ik kk
ok rk sk uk yk zk akk  cc dd ee ff mm nn oo pp ss zz am em im om um amm emm imm omm umm amb amh an en
in on un ann inn anb anh ank enh inh anl enl ant ent ar er ir or ur arb arh erh irh orh urh ark arl erl url art ert fr urt ce
co com ay eel iu ppl erfl Ar Br Cr Dr Er Fr Gr Hr Ir Jr Kr  ………….and more as you seen on presentation pictures.

I am also created it for multilingual characters.
àl ál âl ãl äl ål æl œl èl él êl ël ìl íl îl ïl ñl òl ól ôl õl öl ùl úl ûl ül àt át ât ãt ät åt æt …………and more as you seen on presentation pictures

– Swashes
Swashes make it completed. You only need adding underscore 2x after numbers (you can see on presentation pictures). For example a__

– Multilingual Support
Fonts include punctuations and multilingual support.

– Italic Version

The fonts are have an italic version

Romantically is perfect for branding, photography, invitations, quotes, watermarks, advertisements, product designs, labels, and much more!

What’s include?

Romantically (Otf, Ttf, Woff)
Romantically Italic (Otf, Ttf, Woff)

In Personal Use License version you only get limited features.

Please Purchase the Comersial Version.

I hope you really enjoy and love it..


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