Marlin Duran

Hi! My name is Marlin Duran and I’m passionate about helping SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS and ENTREPRENEURS with all aspects of their businesses, from Marketing, Pinterest, Graphic Design, websites, lead generation, project management, customer service, to admin support and more. ????‍???? I’m based in Venezuela (EST time) and have a bachelor's degree in Economics (a five-year degree) and a Master Degree in Marketing Management. Also, I speak English and Spanish I went from being an employee in great companies like Mondelez International (Kraft Foods) and Pangaea Laboratories (London, UK) to becoming a Virtual Marketing Assistant and Founder of my own Virtual Assistant business. WHO I HELP ✪ Small Business Owners, Business Coaches, Realtors, busy Bloggers, Startups, Entrepreneurs and Marketing Agencies. Are you looking to reach Hispanic consumers? I can help with this too! since I speak English and Spanish. SERVICES ✪ Marketing Support (email marketing, social media, competitor analysis, Wordpress support, social media, summits and more) ✪ Pinterest VA (Pinterest Management and Pinterest Graphics) ✪ Lead Generation and CRM ✪ Graphic Design ✪ Admin support (email management, online research, customer service, data entry) ✪ Excel and spreadsheets ✪ Spanish support (translations, proofreading, chat support, customer service, email management, etc) BENEFITS ✪ Optimize, organize and manage your time better. ✪ Reduces Costs. (Hire me on a flexible hourly basis) ✪ Allows you to focus on the core operations of your business CONTACT I love meeting new people and learning new things every day, so please feel free to say hello anytime. If you’d like to learn more about how my services can help your company, please reach out via email ( or visit my new website

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